Linda Shaylor Cooper

Linda Shaylor Cooper

Having walked away from organized religion at an early age Linda found herself questioning life and its mysteries. She had the good fortune to meet her spiritual teacher soon after her return from a year of traveling mostly in the wild places of nature. Gladys opened her eyes to the unseen aspects of life, which included the nature spirit realm. With her intense focus on gardening came the realization that the nature spirits were working with her as her gardens vibrated with a magical quality. She found herself working at an upscale nursery where she had the opportunity to create flower gardens for the clients of the nursery, after 3 years of working for the nursery learning how to run a landscaping business, she and her husband who taught himself to be a contractor formed their own business called Cooper and Cooper Homes and Gardens. 25 years of creating magical gardens calling herself The Garden Fairy and co-creating with the nature spirits while continuing her education spiritually she found herself ready to create in a new way.

Leaving her long time business in California she moved to a 2 acre ranch property near Sedona in the high desert. Leaving the hustle and bustle of Laguna Beach and her business to live in the country found her applying her spiritual knowledge to the test. To learn to be still and trust that her next focus of creativity would show up. From the place of stillness, watching the flowers in her garden open, came the idea to create in a new way through asking the nature spirits to show up in photographs and write about them. With her life long love of the fairy realm and the willingness to share them they agreed to show up in the photos for all to see.

Linda now lives on her land with her cat Beauty and her lovely daughter Azure Rose who shows up regularly while attending university in Arizona.

Embracing the Spirit of Nature

Nature Spirits and Fairies have become an increasingly common topic. Embracing the Spirit of Nature will invite you into a world of magic few have experienced by sharing actual photography of Fairies, Gnomes and More.

Embracing the Spirit of Nature will alter how you experience nature and how you directly impact the life in all of nature's elements. This book will draw attention to nature spirits that have likely never been seen before that surround and support us in our daily life.

This book offers a unique opportunity to view actual raw photography of Nature Spirits, dialogs with the Nature Spirits and ways to communicate and receive guidance from them.

Linda Shaylor Cooper Interview at Lightworker

Linda talks about how people respond to her beliefs and information about fairies, and how she became introduced to the fairies and gnomes in her work with gardens worldwide.

Don't miss Linda's personal website, where you'll find actual photographs of fairies and gnomes from her book.