Doug Thompson

Doug Thompson

Doug Thompson, founder of DolphinWorks, is an internationally recognized naturalist, expedition leader, ecologist, lecturer, author, award-winning film maker, photojournalist and above all, a man at peace with the planet—dedicated to keeping our Earth the best it can be.

Doug is the author of Whales: Touching the Mystery, an account of the unprecedented interaction between humans and the gray whales of Mexico’s San Ignacio Lagoon.

Doug’s refreshing viewpoint and inspiring lectures are welcomed time and again by universities, corporations, world-class resorts and retreats. Doug has also organized and led over one hundred long-range natural history expeditions, from Mexico to New Zealand, hosting some of the world’s most influential leaders and decision makers. As a marine naturalist, he enjoys worldwide credibility as a pioneer in experiential research with whales, dolphins, and other marine life.

Ever since his first contact with a gray whale as a teenager, Doug Thompson has had a passion for this majestic marine mammal. Here, he shares stories of whales he has met over his 30-year career, in particular the "friendly" Gray whales of San Ignacio Lagoon in Baja, Mexico. He describes the thrill of interacting with these gentle giants who seek out human contact within their birthing lagoons.

Weaving his own and others' fascinating personal accounts with factual information he describes the hidden lives of whales, their mysterious migrations, and the modern threats they face in the world's waters. He also chronicles the efforts of human champions who are working to end whale hunting and promote whale watching -- a far preferable economic alternative -- worldwide. Ideal for seasoned whale watchers and the general-interest reader, this appealing package includes photos and maps as well as a first-rate companion DVD.


Whales: Touching the Mystery

Why do whales living wild and free in the ocean, seek encounters with humans? In Whales: Touching the Mystery, Doug Thompson shares his thirty years of experience studying gray whales in remote Baja, Mexico lagoons, and explores the mystery of this extraordinary interspecies connection. He shares, too, his love for the whales, the place, and the people. You will want to own this enchanted book, and the glorious DVD that accompanies it.

Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE, UN Messenger of Peace

Doug Thompson has spent thirty years with cetaceans--studying, conserving and educating us about these fascinating mammal 'cousins.' Like Jacques Cousteau and other activist/naturalists, Thompson's stories in Whales: Touching the Mystery, call us into a complex and fragile underwater world with other species who have so much to teach us about social skills, communication, and finding balance within our blue planet.

Brenda Peterson, Sightings: The Mysterious Journey of the Gray Whale (National Geographic Books, 2003)

Ecologist supreme, credentialed naturalist, writer, award-winning documentary film-maker, photojournalist, lecturer, hot storyteller...above all, a man at peace with the planet.

The Orange County Register

Doug Thompson's writing is provocative and informative...not only our best read feature columist, but the only one to warrant fan mail!

California Riviera Magazine

Doug Thompson narrates an excerpt from his companion DVD included in his book, Whales: Touching The Mystery.

Once the most feared whale in the world (known as the hard-headed devil fish), the gray whales changed their behavior towards humans once we stopped killing them. They are now the friendliest whales, often seeking human interaction. Whale watching world-wide will bring in over $1 billion this year. We must stop Japan and the International Whaling Commission from resuming and expanding the killing of our friendly whales.

Visit his website, Dolphinworks, for more detailed information on Doug and how to get involved with his expeditions and eco-adventures.