Jennifer Carter

Jennifer Carter
Joel Hirschhorn

Jennifer Carter was the first woman in history to dive down to the Titanic in a submersible. She was also the leader of an otherwise all-male French-American expedition which brought up the first artifacts for museum display. Her National Geographic Special, The Great Whales, received an Emmy. In her eight years with National Geographic, her other specials included The Sharks and Born of Fire. Jennifer received the Gold award at two film festivals, as well as first prize at the American Film Festival while a producer at Walt Disney Pictures. 

Jennifer is an accomplished underwater diver, photographer, journalist, skydiver and deputy sheriff. Her three IMAX productions are Titanic, Across the Sea of Time and Mark Twain's America. Jennifer is a nationally-known lecturer and Titanic expert, highly regarded for her ability to entertain and motivate audiences at conferences and corporate functions.

Titanic Adventure

One Woman's True Life Voyage Down to the Legendary Ocean Liner

by Jennifer Carter & Joel Hirschhorn

New Horizon Press, 1998

This extraordinary journey takes Jennifer Carter from an ordinary life as a bank clerk and mother of three to the bottom of the ocean as the commander of an otherwise all male French/American expedition to the "unsinkable" ocean liner. There, Carter becomes the first woman to dive the Titanic and an indelible part of the Great Ship's ongoing history and mystique.

Even as a child, Jennifer dreamed of joining an expedition dedicated to finding and photographing the Titanic. Her chance comes in 1987 when a French/ American expedition is assembled. From the beginning, her role as expedition leader on the Titanic '87 mission is beset by challenges. The French and Americans regard each other with hostility and distrust; a devastating hurricane, the kind that had aborted three previous Titanic expeditions, strikes; a volatile mutiny explodes, and a heralded PR man searching for further glory attempts to subvert Jennifer's command of the crew and campaigns to have her removed.

All are grueling tests of Carter's resolve to complete the momentous undertaking and bring back the first artifacts from the sunken ocean liner as a legacy to those whose lives were lost. And the moment she has lived for, her trip down to the legendary ship's glorious, haunting remains, is one she will never relinquish despite the dangers, risks and implicit warnings that nobody could be rescued if the submarine Nautile malfunctioned. With passion and insight, Carter details the exciting eight-week expedition and the historic dive which makes her an inseparable part of theTitanic saga. Both a gripping, and at times harrowing, action story that pits humankind against the elements of nature and a powerful testament to one woman's journey of self-discovery, empowerment and love against the backdrop of a perilous quest, Titanic Adventure provides an enthralling piece of the puzzle that the Titanic is and always will be.

Titanic Adventure

Titanic Adventure is a gripping, suspenseful tale of a woman's struggle to lead an all-male crew, her near-fatal experience with a hurricane and the bond she felt with the Titanic that !ed to her becoming the first woman in history to dive down to the great ship.
-- Jane Seymour, Actress

Jennifer Carter is following in the footsteps of underwater scientists and explorers Dr. Eugenie Clark and Sylvia Earle. Her dive to the Titanic makes for fascinating reading.
-- Dr. John E. McCosker, Director of the Steinhart Aquarium, California Academy of Sciences

Titanic Adventure is an absorbing, action-packed story. It shows how everyone can triumph over adversity, conquer their fears and make their dreams come true.
-- Robert Wagner, Actor

Jennifer Carter breathes fresh air into the Titanic story, with her romantic and deeply personal quest. Titanic Adventure is not only the story of the first woman to dive to the world's deepest shipwreck, but a thrilling tale of adventure, risk and triumph.
-- Richard Ellis, author, Imagining/Atlantis

Jennifer Carter is one of those presences that instantly emit what the lonely stranger wants most- warmth and competence. She unfolds her spellbinding adventures, here fully related: diving with sharks and whales, producing forNational Geographic, travels from Alaska to Zimbabwe and becoming the first woman to dive down to view the Titanic. Read this book with the admiration it justifiably evokes, and know that the author of the book is rare and utterly wonderful company.
-- William F. Buckley, Jr., author, editor, televison host

Jennifer Carter has the heart and soul of a True Warrior. You want proof? Read her book.
-- John Weisman, author of the New York Times Bestselling Rogue WarriorSeries

Jennifer Carter is the female Indiana Jones. She has made a significant, lasting contribution to the history of ocean exploration. Her story is memorable, exciting and moving.
-- Howard Hall, award-winning producer/director of PBS, BBC and IMax films

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