Carol Adrienne

Carol Adrienne

"You are born with a character; it is given, a gift, as the old stories say, from the guardians upon
your birth Each person enters the world called."- James Hillman

Carol Adrienne, Ph.D. is an internationally known author and workshop facilitator, whose best-selling books have been translated into over fourteen languages.

Her work includes: The Purpose of Your Life: Finding Your Place in the World Using Synchronicity, Intuition, and Uncommon Sense, The Purpose of Your Life Experiential Guide, and The Numerology Kit. She is also co-author with James Redfield of The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide and The Tenth Insight: An Experiential Guide.

Carol's books, workshops, and consultations are designed for those who want to:

  • change careers;
  • move forward with a creative project;
  • create work/life balance;
  • work less and have more success;
  • learn how having fun is the key to attracting what we want;
  • stay on track using the in-born message center of intuition;
  • stay in the flow of synchronicity.

Carol's book, The Purpose of Your Life, for example, teaches that we will be connected to our life purpose when we:

  • Trust our intuitive/rational mental sorting process to guide us;
  • Listen to our gut feelings;   
  • Set a clear intention by writing out goals;   
  • Purposefully look for relevant information to arrive at the right time;   
  • Trust that synchronistic events have a message and are purposeful;   
  • Take action when we feel good rather than when we are upset;   
  • Let go of having our desired outcome look a particular way.

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When Life Changes or You Wish It Would
A Guide to Finding your Next Step Despite Fear, Obstacles, or Confusion
(Harper Paperbacks, 2003)

If your life is changing -- or you wish it would -- let bestselling life-change counselor Carol Adrienne help you:

  • Locate where you are in the cycle of change.
  • Move forward after setbacks or losses.
  • Recognize and revise limited thinking.
  • Attract positive opportunities.
  • Discover clues hidden in everyday events.
  • Tap into the wisdom of your intuition.
  • Affirm your ability to handle whatever happens.

When Life Changes or You Wish It Would is for anyone who isn't happy with the status quo and wants to take life to the next level. Change can be exhilarating and terrifying -- often both at the same time. Carol Adrienne has helped thousands pursue their heart's desire. If you face challenges in family, career, or other areas, or feel stuck or fearful, Carol Adrienne can help you find your mission and keep your focus as you forge ahead into the unknown.

Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life
Getting to the Heart of Your Life Mission
(Morrow, 2001)

For all those who have been enchanted by the power of synchronicity and are ready to be taken further down the path, Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life offers the next step. Here, Carol Adrienne, coauthor of the New York Times bestseller The Celestine Prophecy: An Experimental Guide, provides a practical workbook that shows you how to tap the unsuspected potential of synchronicity -- the force revealed in everyday coincidences -- and use the power of your own intuition. Using dozens of examples from her own life and work, and offering an array of write-in exercises, Carol Adrienne reveals how you can use synchronicity to find your purpose in life and achieve the rewards that come from living in harmony with the souls' code.

The Purpose of Your Life Experiential Guide
The Proven Program to Help You Find Your Reason for Being
(paperback 2000)

In The Purpose of Your Life Experiential Guide, the coauthor of the New York Times best-selling The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide helps readers uncover the unsuspected, untapped power of synchronicity and intuition that will bring success, satisfaction, and a firm sense of the work we were put on Earth to accomplish.

Why am I here on Earth? What am I posed to be doing with my life? How can I find my mission and fulfill it? Carol Adrienne, has spent the last three years traveling the country, conducting workshops and seminars, and helping members of the public address these "celestine" questions. In an accessible, easy-to-read style, using dozens of anecdotes culled from her own life and work, Adrienne shows us how to use coincidence, synchronicity, and intuition to find our purpose in life, achieving the rewards that come from living in harmony with our soul's code. The Purpose of Your Life Experiential Guide covers such topics as Key principles for aligning with one's soul's purpose; Anything is possible; How to follow synchronicities and intuition; The magnificent force field of your purpose; Handling the void and the shadow; Transforming obstacles; Doing what you love.

The Purpose of Your Life
Finding Your Place in the World Using Synchronicity, Intuition, and Uncommon Sense
(Morrow, 1998)

The co-author of The Celestine Prophesy: An Experiential Guide helps readers uncover the unsuspected, untapped power of synchronicity and intuition that will bring success, satisfaction, and a firm sense of the work we were put on Earth to accomplish.Everyone really has a purpose in life, says Carol Adrienne in this guide to harnessing the power inside yourself and identifying your right livelihood. The question is: How do you learn to go with the flow and let your true nature guide you?

Chapter by chapter, The Purpose of Your Life explains now to locate the source of your innate energy and focus it, how to align yourself with the natural forces that swirl around us always, and how to develop the intuition that fosters synchronicity. The book is packed with illuminating anecdotes and profiles of fascinating people--from artists to urban planners to Zen masters--who describe how they found their own purposes. There are practical exercises throughout, along with charts, self-questionnaires, and other tools that help you understand yourself and your deepest aspirations.

As you learn to recognize and trust the voice of intuition, you'll find new doors opening and new possibilities everywhere. You'll feel invigorated by the potential you've unleashed, a power that will only grow with each new accomplishment. And you'll discover the serenity and satisfaction that come only to those who are living life to the fullest. The Force is with you--all you have to do is reach out and start to use it.       

The Celestine Prophesy: An Experiential Guide
(Warner, 1994)

With this companion guide to the enormously popular book by James Redfield, everyone can apply to their lives daily the wisdom of The Celestine Prophecy -- the national bestseller with 875,000 copies in print, called by the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, "a true example of an increasingly rare phenomenon at a time of splashy celebrity bestsellers; a bona fide word-of-mouth success." 

The Numerology Kit
(Plume, 1988)

In this lively, easy-to-use workbook, numerologist Carol Adrienne explains how the numbers of one's birth date and the letters of his or her name can provide an uncanny evaluation of disposition, habits, strengths and weaknesses, and predict significant life passages.


"Bristles with illustrative anecdotes... A Welcome addition...for its inspiring message." -- Intuition Magazine

"Carol has her finger on the pulse of the current revolution." -- James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy


From Booklist, March 1, 1998
Adrienne has made her reputation penning workbooks based upon James Redfield's popular Celestine Prophecy. In an easy, approachable tone, she now shares her own philosophy and life story. Gentle goodwill and ebullient optimism practically pour from every page, and her message is appealing. Who can resist her conviction that we all can find happiness and love, if not necessarily wealth and power (but maybe those, too), by just living the life we were intended to live? Adrienne is an energetic and authoritative storyteller who crafts wise parables from the life stories of those who, like her, have made a better life for themselves by positive thinking, paying close attention to intuition, and being attuned to a higher calling. She doesn't entirely avoid the shadow side of her subject, for she reminds us that a life's purpose is likely to include challenge and even suffering, but the sheer enthusiasm of her beliefs makes even the downside seem upbeat. Expect a groundswell of popular demand.-- Patricia MonaghanCopyright© 1998, American Library Association. All rights reserved 

Carol can also be contacted directly at her website, where you can order personalized Numerology Life Charts and Life Forecasts.